Funding Projects

to Improve Communities


Often the biggest hurdle in bringing a new project to life is funding. Here are five tips to help communities find and secure the funding they need to build meaningful recreation projects.

1. Illustrate: 

    Funders like to see what they are funding and providing rendering and top views allow them to see the vision.

2. Show Costs: 

    Including the cost of the proposed improvements shows prospective funders that you've done the homework and 

    that the amount requested will see the project through to completion.

3. Promote Outcomes: 

     Sustainability is one of the key metrics that a funder looks for in a proposal. They want to know that the money 

     will promote meaningful outcomes, so including research statistics, measurability tactics, and how the project 

     will be funded after the grant is spent shows them that the project will make an impact for years to come.

4. Customize Each Application: 

    Ensure that whoever is writing the grant is tailoring it to each funder. No matter how beautiful the project drawing, 

    or how thorough the information, funders can see through the "one size fits all" application. They want to know that 

    you have read and understand their mission, values, vision, and motivation for giving.

5. Details, Details: 

    Check your details for consistency all the way through the application. Do quoted figures align? Is the text engaging 

    and concise? Does the opening paragraph quickly describe the project and its benefits?

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