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Playful Pathways Provide the Highest Levels of Child-Adult Interactions

Research shows that playful pathways attract families and can dramatically increase frequency and duration of use of trails, greenways, and shared-use pathways.

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5 Design Practices to Incorporate Nature Play into Pathways

Incorporating nature play along a pathway creates play opportunities for the whole family to explore, learn, and enjoy.

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10 Things to Do This Earth Day

The Earth Day Network is the world’s largest environmental movement.

Riverpoint Park
Pathways for Play Case Study: Riverpoint Park, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Chattanooga’s unique riverfront story has been recognized internationally as a series of successful public and private endeavors.

Sustainability: Building Community through Playful Pathway Networks

Playful pathways expand and support use by children and families. How can we ensure long-term sustainability through best practice design?

Playing Along The Way
Playing Along the Pathways

Playful pathways provide a trajectory through three-dimensional space, enjoyable by all family members.

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Hit the trails and play as a family!

Playful paths take the trail model beyond the traditional user to more fully engage the public with new ways to attract children to the trail.

Pathway Facts
Did You Know? Nine Play Facts about Playful Pathways

Here are several facts that point out the value playful paths for children and families.