Strong Foundations

Planning, Purchasing, and Protecting Play and Recreational Surfacing™

Strong Foundations®

Planning, Purchasing, and Protecting Play and Recreational Surfacing™

Choosing an appropriate playground surfacing is one of the most important factors in developing a safe outdoor play environment. This useful resource was created to raise awareness about some considerations to make when planning, purchasing, and protecting your playground surfacing investment. Case examples are highlighted to provide a comprehensive overview on the features and benefits of the variety of types of safety surfaces available. Considerations are also explored that can further enhance play value at your parks and playgrounds. The guide offers planning checklists, resources, and inspection tools to help assist in simplifying the selection, installation, and maintenance process to ensure the safety and enjoyment of users.

Strong Foundations® provides information on how to properly plan for, purchase, and protect play and recreational surfacing, in order to ensure years of enjoyable use by people of all ages and abilities. By exploring the many options in playground and recreational surfacing, this guidebook provides valuable tools to help communities increase the play value and functionality of their play space.

Strong Foundations details surfacing standards and criteria, universal design, surfacing types, ways to add play value, maintenance, reference charts, and a sample inspection checklist. It provides a meaningful overview on the history of surfacing, to provide insight to the many advances the industry has made in providing compliant play and recreation spaces. The guide also offers case studies of play and recreation environments that have put the information into practice. Let Strong Foundations provide an educational overview and help raise awareness in your community about safety surfacing.

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