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We’ve created several resources to help you discover more about who we are, and the extra things we do to delight and fulfill the dreams of the communities we serve.

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PlayCore-Cover.jpg#asset:8519About PlayCore

Building Communities Through Play & Recreation™

Enjoy a comprehensive overview and learn more about our mission & values, our commitment to research, leadership and communities, and our product solutions and family of brands. We are transforming play & recreation with communities that are passionate about active, healthy living, and we are committed to investing resources and services to turn our research into practice.


Turning Research Into Practice.™

Discover how our Center for Outreach, Research and Education (CORE) assists communities in advancing the quality of play and recreation spaces through the implementation of research, continuing education, scholarly best practice programs, and community advocacy.

PlayCore-Overview-Cover.jpg#asset:8516PlayCore Overview

This four page overview provides a very quick look at our company, our solutions, our Center for Outreach, Research, and Education, and our family of brands.