Ready for a Parks Advisory Board?

Parks and Rec Advisory Boards are groups of volunteer citizens who work to further park and recreation initiatives in a community, and can serve a variety of helpful and necessary roles to help your organization implement your vision. Often, parks departments have a variety of important initiatives they wish to undertake, but may need help executing the strategies needed. 

Park Advisory Boards can help create citizen involvement opportunities that assist in these endeavors and build leadership skills. Unless specifically given policy making authority, their role is to provide valuable input and play an important role in making recommendations to guide the determining, implementing and gaining financial support for recreation and parks services. They can help in a variety of meaningful ways, including:

  1. As members of your community, they can be an important tie between neighbors and fellow citizens. This can assist in obtaining valuable and timely feedback and public input to help guide and prioritize park initiatives.
  2. As voters, they have an influence on local government. A strong board can often help further the collective power of your department to achieve important initiatives.
  3. They can act as an extension of your staff, especially important for departments with limited resources.
  4. They can act as fund raisers to help supplement budgets.
  5. They may serve as volunteers to plan and conduct special events and programs, and utilize their networks to invite ideas, participants, and additional volunteers to execute.
  6. They can act as a communication catalyst between the community, your staff, special interest groups, and elected officials, and help build stronger relationships among these groups.  
  7. They may promote parks, recreation facilities, and recreation programs and services to the community by distributing materials, participating in activities and special events, and soliciting community reaction and feedback to build support.
  8. They can assist in research of new recreation and park related services to evaluate potential growth opportunities. 

Although it may not be possible to bring everyone together in person, consider virtual formats such as web-based meeting programs, social media live streaming platforms, or a good old fashioned conference call can be a great way to connect! 

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