Hugh Mac Rae Overview
Case StudiesCase Study: Hugh MacRae Park and Trillium Health Resources

The "Play Together" Playground Initiative across Eastern North Carolina

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Case StudiesCase Study: Open Streets - Transforming Neighborhoods into Play Spaces

Active Transportation Alliance, a local non-profit organization supporting active and sustainable transportation, organized the first Open Streets in Chicago.

Riverpoint Park
Case StudiesPathways for Play Case Study: Riverpoint Park, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Chattanooga’s unique riverfront story has been recognized internationally as a series of successful public and private endeavors.

Open Streets Pgh
Case StudiesCase Study: Pittsburgh's Bike Parking Regulations Impact Private Development

Pittsburgh's Bike Parking ordinance regulated bike parking by building size, and reduced car parking requirements as the bike parking minimums were exceeded.

Silver Spokes 1
Case StudiesCase Study: Silver Spokes for Senior Folks

The City of Decatur, GA, created a Silver Spokes program to fill the need for a way to encourage our Senior Citizens to get back on bikes.

Vancouver Parklets
Case StudiesCase Study: Parklets Creating Recreation Spaces in the Midst of Urban Density

The parklet is an innovative way to build public gathering spaces right in the heart of the urban streetscape.

Dero Zap And Rider October 2016X
Case StudiesCase Study: Managing and Growing a Commuter Program

Employers, universities/colleges, and non-profit programs are promoting biking as an environmental mode of transportation and a healthy alternative to cars.

Celebrating New Helmets
Case StudiesCase Study: Rural Virginia Community Rediscovers the Joy of Bike Riding

The City of Galax, a small rural community in the foothills of the Virginia Mountains, set out to build a "Bike Library" for students in their community.