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BlogThe Importance of Shade in Recreation Spaces

Shade offers unique and creative ways to attract the community and enjoy being outdoors longer.

Clothesline Activity
BlogSummer Activity Game: Clothesline

The Clothesline activity helps develop upper body strength, endurance and kinesthetic awareness.

Design Forum With Adults
Blog3 things to consider when designing your next community project

Community engagement builds awareness & credibility for the project consider these three things when designing your next project.

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BlogAmenities to enhance music sites and engage users

To enhance the user experience at your outdoor music environment location, try adding amenities like signage, surfacing, seating, shade/shelter and more.

Strike A Pose
BlogSummer Activity Game: Strike A Pose

Strike A Pose allows children to practice climbing, jumping, and balance.

Playground Ewf
BlogPlayground Inspection and Maintenance - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, answers, and resources from our webinar on Playground Inspection & Maintenance.

Playground Supervision Plan
BlogDevelop a Playground Supervision Plan

A meaningful playground supervision plan, ensuring safety and helping to protect children at play requires planning, training, and deliberate action.

Fourth Of July Activity
BlogSummer Activity Game: Fourth of July

Fourth of July activity provides personal enjoyment and satisfaction through elements such as sliding, balancing, and climbing.

Swing Set Superstar
BlogSummer Activity Game: Swing Set Superstar

Swing Set Superstar encourages communication and teamwork skills.