Marketing Basics:

Five Easy Ways to Promote your Place

Marketing is an essential tool in letting people know about your place and what is happening there. But not every place has the resources to hire a marketer. Here are a few fun and easy ways to bring people and place together.


Look down 

So many people walk around with their head down so take your message to where their eyes are-the sidewalk, from ground stickers to sidewalk chalk/stencils, there are a lot of clever ways to promote your space.


Use a geofilter 

If you’re trying to attract younger people, creating a snapchat geofilter is a fun way to help them spread the world. Geofilters let you create special frames for their selfies, that activate when they are within the boundaries of your space. Since the cost depends on the size of geofence and the time period you want to run the filter, this can be a very affordable option.

Have a photo contest 


Photo contests are a great way to market an event or a space. Ask people to post on their social media accounts, like your social page, and use your specified hashtag to qualify. Choose a few finalists and notify them that the photo with the most votes wins. Contestants will use their networks to drive votes (and traffic to your page). Awards can be a gift card, tickets to a local event, or free admission to an event being held at your space. 

Ask for reviews 

Your website, social sites, and review sites like yelp and google are great places to build reviews. If you receive a compliment, share it. 

Utilize video 

People love videos, so whether you want to dive right in with a YouTube channel, add videos to your current social pages/website, or host live events via video, people love to watch engaging content. Use them to advertise upcoming events, interview users of the space, or otherwise promote what’s happening. Remember, it this age of fast media, a video doesn’t have to be expensive and professionally produced to be relevant.

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