PlayCore Leader's Circle

The PlayCore Leadership Proficiency program catalyzes the development of 34 leadership practices comprising the six areas of leadership excellence core to the mission and value proposition of PlayCore, Inc.—being Purpose Driven, Customer Devoted, and Respectful and Trustworthy, by Driving Results, Cultivating Innovation, and Valuing Diversity and Inclusion. The graduate of this bespoke executive education program completed 95 digital learning modules containing over eight (8) hours of video instruction, participated in eight (8) hours of live digital learning, and completed seven individual development plans drawing on the 354 leadership behaviors contained in the PlayCore Leadership Proficiency Workbook. Graduates join the PlayCore Leaders Circle and participate in quarterly Moto-Monday meetings that support, refine, and promote the development of each subsequent cohort of program participants, creating a self-sustaining community of leadership development within each PlayCore brand and across the PlayCore family of brands.