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Placemaking Volume 6



  • Advocating for Outdoor Classrooms in Uncertain Times
  • Mental Health Breaks-Why they’re good for you, your business, and your customers
  • Design and Activities for Physical Distancing in Public Spaces
  • The World Outside: Activities on the Rise in the Face of the Pandemic
  • Sharing the Good News in Parks and Recreation
  • We Need Parks and Green Space during the Pandemic

 Scholar Corner

  • Are Parks S.A.F.E.? – Floyd & Hipp
  • Summertime Physical Activity Among Diverse Adolescents: What About COVID-19?– James F, Sallis, Ph.D.
  • Are Play Streets Possible During COVID-19? - Pollack Porter & Umstattd Meyer

 Project Highlight: Chattanooga Discovery Museum Outdoor Plaza