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Timeless Site Furniture

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Products & Services

  • Site Amenities
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Litter Receptacles
  • Recycling Stations
  • Planters
  • Bike Racks & Bollards
  • Tables
  • Seats

About Victor Stanley

Victor Stanley is a leader in quality site furnishings that helps bring your visions to life. From benches and bike racks to smart litter receptacles, which use a Relay Sensor and Service to enable efficient collection routing, Victor Stanley meticulously designs, engineers and manufactures every detail to ensure their site furnishings will withstand the test of time. The company is celebrating over 60 years of helping create a place for people to gather, live life and make timeless moments.

Carefully integrated designs and innovative use of materials and technology embody their commitment to produce durable, strong, functional, attractive, and comfortable site furniture. Remaining current in the marketplace defines their daily efforts, including updated designs and accepting the need to protect our environment. Victor Stanley combines tested as well as unique materials and manufacturing techniques in new and exciting ways. They take time to solve difficult engineering problems, and listen to the valuable suggestions, requirements, and criticism of landscape architects, architects, cities and municipalities, designers, urban planners, engineers, end-users, and customers throughout the world to ensure timeless site furnishings designed to endure.

Victor Stanley

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