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About UltraSite

UltraSite manufactures high-quality commercial grade outdoor recreation products including dog parks, outdoor adult fitness equipment, picnic tables, park benches, shade and shelter, grills, trash receptacles, and other assets designed to improve comfort and usage of public spaces. They take pride in the ability to enhance any environment, no matter the style, weather conditions, heritage, or usage. Their signature UltraCoat™ thermoplastic coating makes products durable, comfortable, and low maintenance. They also provide a customization program that allows communities to personalize their site furniture. All UltraSite furnishings are available with a number of mounting options to accommodate site conditions and usage needs.

Outdoor adult fitness parks are a popular addition to public parks and recreation centers. With a wide variety of equipment that offers developmental benefits in aerobic, muscle strength, core development and balance/flexibility enhancement, UltraSite’s ActionFit products can help your community be more active. Dog Parks are also a fast growing segment in outdoor spaces as people seek ways to spend time with “man’s best friend.” UltraSite can help create off-leash areas to encourage outdoor time in community public spaces.


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