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Products and Services

  • ADA Pool Lifts
  • Pool Cleaning Equipment
  • Starting Platforms
  • Custom Pool Products
  • Pool Covers and Rails

About Spectrum Aquatics

Spectrum Aquatics manufactures and sells a broad array of quality aquatic products used in the construction and operation of commercial swimming pools and spas. Their wide product selection includes accessibility products, water sports & games, lifeguard chairs, starting platforms, ladders, rails, diving boards, blankets/reels, shade, and a comprehensive line of anchors and accessory hardware. Many of their innovations, like the backstroke start device, have revolutionized competitive swimming.

Spectrum understands the many benefits that a community pool can offer. Besides the fun of a relaxing swim, or a competitive lap, water immersion has been proven to be meaningful in helping deconditioned, elderly, and recovering people build strength, regain movement and balance, and enjoy exercise. Spectrum prides itself on the many ways they can help their customers promote aquatic relaxation and exercise, and is dedicated to building long term relationships with a goal of exceeding the expectations of those who specify and use their products. Spectrum Aquatics’ products demonstrate outstanding quality and workmanship, and their technical information support is unequaled.

About Alta Enterprises

Alta Enterprises is committed to bringing superior quality products to market through innovation and creativity. Our products are designed for ease of use, allowing you to cover and uncover your pool with the push of a button with our Automatic Reel Systems. Let Alta Enterprises supply your pool covers and automatic reel systems.

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