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About Dynamax

Dynamax was founded in 1985 by coaches Bruce Evans and Jim Cawley. Both coaches were searching for the perfect tool for high velocity, partner-based medicine ball training. They wanted a ball that was durable enough to withstand high-impact throws, but soft enough to be comfortable on the hands when working with a training partner.  There was no ball on the market that met these demands, so the two coaches created their own. Dynamax became the perfect training tool for developing power and speed in elite athletes, while its size and soft-shell design provided coaches with the opportunity to work with youth, active adults, and even adaptive athletes. Proud to be made in the USA, the company has expanded to international markets, now sold across the world in over 20 countries. 

Dynamax balls are moisture resistant and made from 70% post-consumer recycled materials. The design and construction ensure that they will remain dimensionally stable and balanced. Our trade secret and craftsmanship guarantee that each ball, regardless of weight, has a friendly feel and will absorb high-velocity impact for years to come. As we like to say, “Dynamax balls don’t break down, they break in!” The Dynamax medicine ball line includes the standard 14” diameter ball, the 10” mini, and the 22” Atlas ball.  

For the first time, Dynamax has begun to expand its product line with powerful products made in the USA, built with the same integrity and craftsmanship. The Dynamax SLOG, Dynamax D-Ball, and Dynamax AbMat will meet the needs of the most demanding athletes and coaches.


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