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About Dero

Dero designs innovative, high-quality, and functional bicycling infrastructure that people rely on every day: bike racks, bicycle storage, public bike repair, and street design amenities. Real-world insight from the bike-centric lives of their employees influences all aspects of design. Dero takes pride in their American-made craftsmanship, sustainable practices, excellent customer service, and expertise. Their sales and customer service teams are professional, and experts in the field of bike parking. Whether it’s a homeowner who wants a bike rack in their front yard or an architect who needs hundreds of bikes parked in a bike room, they are happy to offer instructions, free CAD layouts, and will even design custom products to meet customer’s needs.

Dero also believe bikes are an integral element to a sustainable and equitable transportation system. Bike commuters are more likely to utilize new protected bike lanes, boulevards, and trails if there is high-quality and secure bike parking at their destination. Beyond bike parking, Dero offers streetscape infrastructure, like the Dero Parklet, as well as Dero ZAP, a system that can help manage and grow city, business, and university commuter wellness programs.


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