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About BigToys

For more than 40 years, BigToys has been an industry leader in designing environmentally-friendly commercial playgrounds that preserve the environment and foster imagination. By choosing environmentally conscious products like BigToys, you help ensure that recyclable materials are in demand. Big Toys has one of the highest percentages of recycled content in any playground – averaging over 70%. Their environmental approach to playgrounds makes them a favorite of communities wishing to demonstrate a commitment to global sustainability through the use of recyclables. An estimated seven billion gallons of milk are consumed each year. Big Toys products utilize milk jugs which are melted down, formed into durable planks, then used to assemble decks, enclosures, and roofs.

In addition, their 6” uprights are made from United States made reclaimed metal, averaging 78% recycled content. In addition, BigToys’ EarlyWorks products provide customized play environments designed to support learning standards for young children under the age of 5, including independent components that can be integrated with trike paths, child-friendly plantings, and other site features to create unique play environments that bring learning outdoors.


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