LWCF Resources

National Park Service Announces a New Round of Outdoor Recreation Legacy Grants

Grants available for communities with little to no recreation opportunities

Current list of State Liaison Officers & info websites

The first step in applying for LWCF Funding is to understand your state funding cycle, deadlines, and funding priorities in your state’s State Comprehensive...

What is the Land and Water Conservation Fund?

The LWCF Program is a federal program authorized by Congress for the purpose of acquiring federal lands and assisting states and local governments with funds.

A Guide to Matching Funds for LWCF

Brief guide for attaining matching funds for LWCF.

Explaining your State’s Role in LWCF Funding

Local governments within the states participate as “subrecipients” with the state retaining primary grant compliance responsibility.

I’ve Never Applied for LWCF, Where Do I Start?

Each State has its own priorities and selection criteria and will decide which projects are eligible to receive LWCF grants.

Choosing Infrastructure Projects for Intergenerational Benefits

Choosing structures for Intergenerational play and recreation have a multitude of benefits and this article can help.

Equity: A Primary Lens for LWCF Funding

Addressing inequities requires systemic attention, careful inventory documentation, and a sense of urgency.

How to Prioritize Need for LWCF funding

A general and simple tool to help parks identify areas of need when applying for LWCF funding.