Good News: In Parks!

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Parks and recreation has never been more relevant and agencies are rising up to unprecedented challenges to provide innovative essential services.

By sharing wins and success stories through this exciting, interactive show, we can motivate each other, gain fresh insights, and learn new and innovative ways to serve communities through meaningful park and recreation initiatives.

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To continue to share the great work in Parks and Recreation agencies throughout North America, PlayCore and GameTime are pleased to announce that Good News in Parks will return for a third season. Join us for this interactive Zoom show where leading park and recreation professionals and special guests share best practices across relevant topics that inform their work and the resulting positive impacts on community well-being.

Hosts Jodie Adams and Anne-Marie Spencer will return with new guests, new initiatives, and a lot of good news shared through immersive discussions, audience polls, and special recognition segments. Sign up below and join in the discussion!

IACET_Logo_2020.jpg#asset:15428Attendees are also eligible to receive a certificate of completion for 0.1 education units.

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Powerful speakers. The knowledge these professionals share is so helpful.

Good News: In Parks! Attendee

Hearing from professionals from around the country makes us feel connected in this time of isolation!

Good News: In Parks! Attendee

It’s great hearing from these Incredibly knowledgeable people and hearing from those working directly through this time - those on the ‘front line’

Good News: In Parks! Attendee

This was my first time attending. I thought it was just what the show is called Good News. Good news was being presented in such a positive way.

Good News: In Parks! Attendee

It's virtual and very convenient; the moderator keeps everything relevant and connected and ties the discussion together; it's free and it offers CEUs. Many thanks!!

Good News: In Parks! Attendee

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DISCLOSURE: An instructor of this show is employed by PlayCore and discloses an interest in attendees partnering with PlayCore on their play and recreation initiatives. Open dialogue is encouraged on the show, therefore the views and opinions expressed on any program are those of the persons appearing on the program and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of PlayCore and its affiliates.