Promoting Health and Wellness

in Your Office

It’s a proven fact that companies that invest in employee health and wellness experience less absenteeism. They can also reap benefits associated with lower insurance rates, higher employee satisfaction, greater job retention, and increased productivity. 


Stand up

Many of us utilize a desk and screen in our daily work, designing, creating bid packages, specification documents, messaging, or meeting with teams. We can help increase movement throughout the day by updating office equipment. Instead of a regular desk where people sit for eight hours, consider offering standing desks. Employees will be able to adjust their desks throughout the day from sitting to standing, ensuring more movement and less back problems. If standing desks are out of the question, consider investing in some ergonomic chairs, and/or holding walking meetings. 

Educate your teams

Augment the standard “Lunch and Learn” by inviting speakers that can help encourage wellness. Local chefs may offer cooking classes in exchange for a chance to speak about their restaurant. Meal prep companies are cropping up everywhere, consider asking them to promote healthy meal planning. You can even bring in monthly exercise instructors, yoga practitioners, running coaches, etc. to give your team ideas to get moving .

Consider mental well-being

Some ideas include hosting mental health seminars or meditation classes to teach the principles of this beneficial practice. Consider helping your employees balance their work life with their personal life by permitting flexible schedules, even on a limited basis, for jobs that can be performed remotely. Holistic health is essential, so be sure your employees are taking care of both mind and body.

Snack attack

If you have vending options at your office, be sure there are healthy choices. Providing access to filtered water also helps employees hydrate throughout the day. 

Promote biking to work 

Bike parking and an office shower are great ways to encourage employees to use active transportation, as well as exercise during lunch breaks. 

Improving health and wellness within your office will help your employees live happier and work better. 

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