The Science of Play™

A treatise of articles by Dr. Stuart Brown, National Institute for Play

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The Science of Play™

A treatise of articles by Dr. Stuart Brown, National Institute for Play

Think of a world without play... no belly laughter, or joyful smiles and nonsense baby-talk between babies and mothers, no games, from hide and seek to chess, no light-hearted flirtation, no reason to carve out space for playgrounds, no wagging tail puppies who delight everyone... you get the picture, and then, when you get serious about it and look closely and systematically at lives deprived of play, the dire consequences of a lack of play become painfully evident.

But there really is more to “getting it” about play than that.

A new science of play and its effect on the brain has emerged from the explosion of information emerging from the social, psychological, behavioral, and biological sciences. For children and adults, play strengthens the mind and the body, straightening the path toward social competency, emotional stability, physical capability, and success. 

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As a like-minded play advocate, PlayCore is proud to partner with Dr. Stuart Brown, National Institute of Play, on furthering the advancement of play and helping our world understand the why play is important for a child's development and critical for participating in play throughout life. Our work together thus far has resulted in several play concepts that promote attunement between family members.

Read more about Dr. Brown, The National Institute Play, and a preview of the articles in this treatise here.

Dr. Stuart Brown

Dr  Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown, MD

Founder, National Institute for Play

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