10 Facebook Facts

to help bring people to place

You have planned your placemaking project, but how do you increase attendance and engagement? Here are 10 Facebook facts to help bring people to your place!


1. Highest traffic occurs midweek between 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

You have the potential to reach more consumers and drive higher traffic to your site during peak usage times, but people may be more likely to be more engaged in the evenings. This statistic may be a factor when you are planning social communication scheduling. (Source: Bit.ly blog)

2. 7 p.m. will result in more clicks than 8 p.m.

A Facebook post at 7 p.m. will result in more clicks on average than posting at 8 p.m. (Source: Forbes).

3. On Thursdays and Fridays, engagement is 18% higher.

Use this information to determine when to post in order to optimize your social media marketing efforts. (Source: Bit.ly blog)

4. Photo uploads total 300 million per day.

Users are engaged, but there are a lot of photos, and other information, competing for users' attention, so target your efforts strategically. (Source: Gizmodo)

5. Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.

You could have a short time period to make your impression, so use it wisely with relevant, interesting  and unique content/offers to get the most return on your efforts. (Source: Infodocket)

6. Age 25 to 35, at 29.7% of users, is the most common age demographic.

This is the prime target demographic for many businesses' marketing efforts, and you have the chance to engage these key consumers on Facebook. (Source: Emarketer 2012)

7. 50% of 18-24 year-olds go on Facebook when they wake up.

Facebook is also important to these users, and if done well, so is the content you post on it. (Source: The Social Skinny)

8. 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business.

It's a crowded marketplace, but you can't afford to sit it out, because odds are fairly high that your competition is there. (Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2012)

9. 16 Million local business pages have been created as of May 2013.

A 100 percent increase from 8 million in June 2012. Facebook marketing has transformed how business is conducted, and its use by local businesses to extend their markets continues to explode. (Source: Facebook)

10. Five new profiles are created every second.

The Implication: Your potential audience on Facebook is growing exponentially. (Source: Facebook)

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