Gtg Skills Center Day Of Caring

GT Grandstands holds Day of Caring Event at The Skills Center

The Skills Center is a sports based youth development organization. They promote sports intentionally infused with life skills and academics. They pursue a purposeful development of young minds from ages 3 through 18. They foster collaborative learning environments where students in 1st through 12th grade can participate in educational programs and positively support academic success. In addition, they empower parents with workshops and resources that support their children’s journey through primary and secondary school. They believe that it’s more than an individual pursuit. It’s about community and family.

Their sports based youth development organization offers exciting and rewarding athletic experiences enriched with intentional academic growth.

They believe that there are no bad kids. There are only kids who need an environment that believes in them and pushes them to believe in themselves and to reach for something greater than the present. They successfully use sports to teach kids how to mage life.

On November 11, GT Grandstands held our Day of Caring event at The Skills Center to assist them with a landscaping project for their new facility. The results beautified the front of the building with new plantings and mulch and was very well received by an appreciate staff.

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