Webinar - Using Data for Improved Decision Making and Service Delivery

Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 2:00pm - 3:15pm  
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Using Data for Improved Decision Making and Service Delivery

Data, data and data…  How can we use it in decision-making and improving service delivery?  We live in a world with lots of data that can inform the decisions we make every day improving service delivery and demonstrating the impact of our work.  Data can help ensure we are equitably allocating our resources, strengthening grant applications, evaluating program impacts and so much more.  This panel of parks and recreation professionals will share how they use data to schedule park maintenance activities, schedule asset replacements, identify gaps in programs and facilities in underserved communities, ensure equitable distribution of staff and funds, develop a healthy infrastructure plan and develop system-wide equitable funding plan.    

Guest Speaker Panel Includes:

Jayne Miller, Board Chair, World Urban Parks

Troy Houtman, Parks and Recreation Director, Wichita, KS

Lakita Watson, CPRP, Richland County Recreation Commission Executive Director, Columbia, SC

Mike Shull, Recreation and Parks General Manager, City of Los Angeles, CA

Stacie Anaya, Parks and Recreation Director, Lewisville, TX

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Educational resources and continuing education certificates will be provided. CEUs for a total of 1 Professional Development Hours (.1 IACET CEU). Learners receiving CEUs must meet the criteria for participation and achievement of learning objectives.

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Guest Speaker Partnership with:

Jayne S Miller

Jayne Miller, CPRP, Jayne Miller Consulting

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