2020 Webinar Series

Wednesday, January 1, 2020, All Day
Online Webinar
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Join PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research, & Education for our 2020 Webinar Series. Our credentialed trainers provide evidence-based educational materials and interactive learning experiences to effectively equip attendees with the knowledge and resources to share with their communities.

March/April - On-Demand Playground Inspection & Maintenance
April - Comprehensive School Physical Activity (CSPAP): Effective Evidence-Based Practices and Community Collaborations
May - Bike Parking Standards and Installation
June - ADA Accessible Pools
June - ADA Standards for Accessible Design
July - Aquatics Inclusive Water Play
August - Unleashed: Off-leash Dog Park Trends and Planning Tips
September - Strong Foundations: Planning, Purchasing, and Protecting Play and Recreational Surfacing
September - Nature Play
October - Natural Harmony: An Instrumental Guide to Blending Music & Community
November - Health & Wellness
December - Inclusion Beyond Play

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