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Words On Play - A treatise on the value of play by noted play scholars!

Often we hear "Play is the work of a child." Indeed, research shows that children are at their highest level of development when at play. Play is dynamic, active - an integral part of children's growth and development, allowing children to discover their full potential. The foundation for learning, play is critical for healthy physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development - providing enjoyment and emotional fulfillment. Children learn about the world around them through self-created experiences where they are free to express their creativity, individuality, and imagine new worlds.


Words On Play highlights the work of respected play authorities - our friends, mentors, and partners who continue to inspire us and who continue to shape our knowledge of the power of play.


We know play has a multitude of critical benefits and is the right of every child, and that through play they reach their highest level of development.




Words On Play Program Book


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On Play to your facility, contact us.




Words On Play DVD

Listen to our play scholars discuss the value of play from their respective disciplines.








Resources & Partners

Developmental Benefits
Joe Frost, Ed.D.; L.H.D., Parker Centennial Professor Emeritus,
University of Texas

Robin Moore, Dipl. Arch, MCP, ASLA,
Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University

Keith Christensen, Ph.D., Faculty Fellow, Utah State
University, Center for Persons with Disabilities

Physical Activity
Louis Bowers, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor
Emeritus, University of South Florida

Brain Development
Stuart Brown, M.D., President, The National Institute for Play

Kathleen Burriss, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus, College of
Education, Middle Tennessee State University

Creativity & Imagination
Nilda Cosco, Ph.D., Education Specialist, Natural Learning
Initiative, College of Design, NC State University

Health & Wellness
Michael Suk, M.D., JD, MPH, FACS,
Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Florida,
Fmr. White House Fellow and Special Assistant to the Secretary
(2003-2004), US Department of the Interior

Social Capital
John Sutterby, Ph.D., Associate Professor,
University of Texas at Brownsville


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